Calendário de Episódios - 23/06 a 29/06/2013


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DOMINGO (23/06)

True Blood
6x02 - The Sun

Drop Dead Diva
5x01 - Back From the Dead  (Season Premiere)

Crossing Lines
1x01 - Pilot (Series Premiere)

Devious Maids
1x01 - Pilot (Series Premiere)

The White Queen 
1x02 - Episode 2

Falling Skies
3x04 - At All Costs

Family Tree
1x06 - Civil War

The Killing
3x05 - Scared and Running

Mad Men
6x13 - In Care Of (Season Finale)

2x10 -  D.C. (Season Finale)

Under the Dome
1x01 - Pilot (Series Premiere)  

The Goodwin Games
1x06 - Happy Hour 

2x05 - Party's Over

The Glades
4x05 - Apocalypse Now  

1x04 - A Kiss Is Just a Kiss? 

King & Maxwell
1x03 - Wild Card

Teen Wolf
3x04 - Unleashed

Switched at Birth
2x13 - The Good Samaritan

The Fosters
1x03 - Quinceanera

1x10 - The Bride Wore Black

Warehouse 13
4x18 - Lost & Found

Major Crimes
2x03 - Under the Influence


Rizzoli & Isles
4x01 - We Are Family (Season Premiere) 
2x01 - Ch-Ch-Changes (Season Premiere)

Pretty Little Liars
4x03 - Cat's Cradle

1x03 - PSA de Resistance

So You Think You Can Dance
10x08 - Top 20 Perform


Franklin & Bash
3x03 - Good Lovin'

Family Tools
1x08 - Jack Steps Up

Necessary Roughness
3x03 - Swimming With Sharks

Royal Pains
5x03 - Lawson Translation

Melissa & Joey
3x06 - The Truth Hurts

Baby Daddy
2x06 - Ben's Big Gay-Care Adventure

How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)
1x13 - How to Be Gifted (Series Finale)


3x03 - Suspicion
3x04 - Sincerity

Burn Notice
7x04 - Brothers in Arms
1x04 - Pizza Box

Anger Managment 
2x24 - Charlie and His New Therapist
2x25 - Charlie and the Hot Nerd

Rookie Blue
4x03 -  Different, Not Better 


Magic City
2x03 - Adapt or Die

The Newsroom
2x03 - Willie Pete

1x08 - The Devil You Know
1x09 - Off to See the Wizard

SÁBADO (29/06)
NOTA: os novos episódios abaixo estão sendo exibidos na TV, apesar de já terem disponibilizado online (exceto Do No Harm).

Do No Harm
1x03 - Morning, Sunshine

Zero Hour
1x08 - Sync

666 Park Avenue
1x11 - Sins of the Fathers

Dexter final season só semana que vem!
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