Calendário de Episódios - 07/07 a 13/07/2013

domingo, julho 07, 2013

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DOMINGO (07/07)

8x02 - Every Silver Lining

Ray Donovan
1x02 - A Mouth Is a Mouth

True Blood
6x04 - At Last

Drop Dead Diva
5x03 - Surrogates

Crossing Lines
1x04 - Long-Haul Predators

Devious Maids
1x03 - Wiping Away the Past

2x03 - The Children of the Battlefield

The White Queen 
1x04 - Episode 4

Falling Skies
3x06 - Be Silent and Come Out
The Killing
3x07 - Hope Kills

Family Tree
1x08 - Cowboys (Season Finale) 


Skins (UK)
7x02 - Skins Fire, Part 2                                                                            #GOODBYE_EFFY =(

Under the Dome
1x03 - Manhunt

2x07 - Sound and Fury

The Glades
4x07 - Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

1x06 - Payback

King & Maxwell
1x05 - Loved Ones

Teen Wolf
3x06 - Motel California

Switched at Birth
2x15 - Ecce Mono

The Fosters
1x06 - Saturday
Major Crimes
2x05 -  D.O.A.

1x12 - Everything Is Broken (Season Finale) 

Warehouse 13
4x20 - The Truth Hurts  (Season Finale) 

Rizzoli & Isles
4x03 - But I Am a Good Girl
2x03 - Blindness

Pretty Little Liars
4x05 - Omega Sigma Die!

1x05 - The Fest and the Furious

Saving Hope
2x03 - Why Waste Time

So You Think You Can Dance
10x10 - Top 18 Perform / 2 Eliminated

Catfish: The TV Show
2x03 - Ramon & Paola


1x01 - Pilot (Series Premiere) 

The Bridge
1x01 - Pilot (Series Premiere) 

7x18 - The Inhuman Torch

Franklin & Bash
3x05 - By the Numbers
Necessary Roughness
3x04 - Snap Out of It

Royal Pains
5x04 - Pregnant Paws

Melissa & Joey
3x07 - The Unkindest Cut

Baby Daddy
2x07 - On the Lamb-y

Ghost Hunters
9x11 - Hoover Damned

Family Tools
1x10 - Terry by Design (Series Finale) 


3x05 - Shame

Burn Notice
7x05 - Exit Plan
1x05 - O-Mouth

Anger Managment 
2x26 - Charlie and the Secret Gigolo
2x27 - Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister

Rookie Blue
4x04 - The Kids Are Not Alright


Magic City
2x04 - Crossroads

1x12 - 1987
1x13 - Executive Producer Steven Rea (Series Finale) 

SÁBADO (13/07)
NOTA: os novos episódios abaixo estão sendo exibidos na TV, apesar de já terem disponibilizado online (exceto Do No Harm).

Do No Harm
1x05 - A Stand-In

Zero Hour
1x09 - Balance

666 Park Avenue
1x13 - Lazarus (Series Finale) 

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